Sem 4_Personal Project

28 August 2018
Week 1
Vivien Christian Cahyadi [0331241]
Personal Project I

Personal Project


Week 10 


Frame 29-35

Finished animating the angry, depressed, hate, useless doodle animation and page tear. Recorded asset for the next frame which is the shadow of a hand about to do self harm.

Simulating door opening with after effect lights and 3D solids


Week 11 


Frame 16-20

Textured in substance painter. Used stencil for the "BITCH" writing.

locker scene, almost finished texturing and still need to figure out the correct lighting.

Photograph the assets to make it look as realistic as possible. Just several papers stacked together and intentionally messed up.

Behold, my toilet collection

Still struggling with making it look nice and believable. The timing is kind of there, but definitely need to refine the visuals.

Finished texturing, lighting, and animating the locker scene. The two images in the bottom row are interchangeable options. White light or red light? Later on, the scene will also be colour graded in after effects to bring in back some details.

The animation could have been better, but hey, 3 more foxes to go...

Week 12 


Test render, decide to stick with the red lighting

Page design for fox section

Chain modelled, rigged, and textured

Ink transition, recorded black ink on wet paper

Fox scene, 2 foxes done, two more to go.

Week 13 


Week 14 



It was quite a struggle to document the projection mapping installation because if I get the table to the right exposure, the white notebook pages will look too overexposed and the content couldn't really be seen.


Overall I am quite satisfied with how it turns out and am proud by how much I have achieved, improved and learnt throughout the course of this project. I learnt four new softwares: Substance Painter, VPT, Madmapper and Ableton; significantly improved my 2D cell animation ability; learnt how to do faster renders in after effects; learnt the importance of proper planning, storyboarding and time management; utilised many animation techniques; improved my sound design skill; voice acted; as well as familiarise oneself in making a projection mapping installation. 

This is the first time I did a project where I put so much thoughts on, from the concept to the script, narrative and animation, as well as something I could picture myself delving into in the future. It was thoroughly enjoyable but tiring at the same time.

Of course, there were several setbacks along the way, but there is always a solution to every problem. The rendering for example, took really long, but by tweaking some after effects setting I was able to cut out the hours. Rendering with the school computer also helped. There were also times when I doubted myself, but fortunately I kept on working and am able complete this in satisfaction.

The outcome definitely need some improvements. The sound design especially. I am no voice actor, and my friends weren’t either. But I have done my best and so be it.

Lastly, working on the subject bullying itself has been an eye opening experience. It made me recall my primary school days and in fact I was one of the bullies. Pretty terrifying I may say because I almost forgot how cruel I was and it did not even cross my mind back then that I was doing something bad. School bullying is a thing. And it is important for us to know that it is wrong, and to take action.